KYECHAIN made from our vegan, ecological and sustainable leather alternative, pineapple fiber (Pinatex ®).


Our vegan and sustainable material made from pineapple fiber is an innovative leather alternative. It has a high-quality feel and is soft, but sturdy and water-repellent.

The special material is obtained from the leaf fibers of the pineapple, which are usually a waste product of the harvest. No additional environmental resources such as land, fertilizers, pesticides, or water are required for the production.

ecological product - PETA-approved - natural - vegan - sustainable - fair - made in Germany


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    • Kyechain made from Piñatex ® (pineapple fiber)
    • Size: approx. 10 x 2,5 cm
    • Colors: black, natural white, red, burgundy, gold, silver
    • Silver ring