We are a handmade company and our goal is to make the world a little greener with our pineapple products.

We want to meet the challenges of our time by using innovative products in order to offer consumers a better choice for a better future.
We attach particular importance to a sustainable and environmentally friendly production and the support of local businesses.

For our products we use a material that is made from pineapple leaves. This is a natural, vegan and environmentally friendly textile, developed as a sustainable alternative to leather and environmentally harmful plastics.


There are around 13 million tons of waste from pineapple farming produced worldwide every year ...

... we need 16 pineapple crowns or 480 pineapple leaves for 1m² of our material Pinatex® 

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Pictures by Pinatex®

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Piñatex ® is a natural, innovative and patented leather alternative made from pineapples. The material is obtained from the pineapple leaves, which are usually a waste product of the harvest.
The leather-like material from the sweet fruit is vegan, sustainable and PETA-approved.

Piñatex ® is also an ecological product with a low environmental impact. No extra land, water, fertiliser or pesticides are required to produce the material. 

For more information about the material, please visit www.ananas-anam.com 

Environmental Impact

Advantages of "pineapple leather" over conventional leather

Leather has been used for thousands of years, however as the industry demands more – and cheaper – supply, its production has become environmentally unsustainable.

Synthetic alternatives such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are not the solution, as these are ecologically toxic to both produce and dispose of.


Piñatex ® addresses these issues as a sustainably sourced textile, made from a natural waste product, created low water use and low production waste, containing no harmful chemicals or animal products.



  • Made from pineapple fibers

  • The leaves of the pineapple plant are a by-product of the fruit industry, which are usually thrown away or burned

  • The processing creates a new source of income for farming communities that are otherwise dependent on a seasonal harvest

  • No additional environmental resources are required for production

  • The remaining leaf biomass produced during processing is used as a natural fertilizer or biofuel

Pieces of Leather


  • Made from animal skin

  • Intensive use of resources (land, water, food & fuel)The tanning process of leather involves approximately 20 steps and 250 chemicals (including toxins and heavy metals)

  • These toxic chemicals are harmful to people and the environment

  • It takes many years for synthetic materials to degrade

Circular Economy


We work to the values of a circular economy, combining research and innovation to enhance the well-being of the earth and its people throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

Our inspiration is the *Cradle to Cradle® approach, which supports ecological, intelligent and innovative design policies within today’s economic environment.

*Cradle to Cradle® is a trademark of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC.



Customer statements

Customer statements 1

'I found this brand on Instagram. I was particularly impressed by the sustainability aspect. I had never heard of a pineapple leather alternative. I was very surprised by the material, it has a very nice feel to it and seems to be very resistant. I love the wallet and the toiletry bag. I even feel like they still smell a bit like pineapple. I would recommend it to everyone.'

- Cristina, Spain

Customer statements 2

'The wallet is small and handy and can still store a lot. I always have cards, banknotes, a shopping chip and maybe 2 euros with me. It fits in every pocket and is therefore always at hand. It’s also very pretty! The white wallet immediately caught my eye, when I saw it in the online shop. I thank the Applepine Team a lot for their great service and their gorgeous lifesaver products – I will definitely recommend them!'

- Sandra, Germany

Customer statements 3

'The Mini Wallet from The Applepine is a true lifesaver! Not only does the use of this practicable purse-substitute, which offers enough space for all my cards, facilitate my everyday life in the increasingly cashless Scandinavia, but also does the Mini Wallet contribute to the protection of the environment as it is manufactured with environmentally friendly material! I will definitely buy more of them soon! 😊'

-- Jenny, Sweden